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Lemur iPad < Logic < 3rd Party Plugin (send)


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I've been designing layouts for Lemur for a few months.

I've nailed down using the iPad to talk to Logic plugins. That's easy.

BUT .... I am stuck at getting a plugin in Logic to talk to Lemur.

Currently I am working on a Zebra layout for Lemur. 


What needs to be done for Lemur to see a change made or a status in Zebra, running in Logic Pro X? 

Is this a MCU (Mackey) thing?  Or .... Osculator ?  (I'm not going to go the Osculator route. Too many pieces to fail) 

I have the Lemur Deamon setup for both directions properly ... pretty sure.


I've looked through Liine's user forum. No luck.

Read the manual. Inside and out. Still lost. 


Twisted Tools has a quite remarkable Lemur template for 'Ultraloop' that is bidirectional .... 

but I can not, for the life of me, figure out how the host (Reaktor) is sending data to it.  


If someone could offer a hint ..... anything.  

I'm usually good at figuring things out and getting up to speed .... if I could just get the pump primed. 

My pump has dried out. 


Thank you. 

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No replies [sigh].   Day 4 of trying to figure this out ..... with no luck.


All I need is to have Lemur get/update the status of the Lemur controller items that are on the template , if any changes have been made to any of Zebra's parameters (LFOs, FILTERs , ENVELOPEs ..... ) from Logic Pro.  


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