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Importing OMF files


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I've found that in Logic I can only successfully open OMF files that have separate audio folders.  However, some clients that I don't want to bother with extra requests always send them with the audio files bundled into the OMF file.  I can't figure out a way to unpack the file before importing it or otherwise opening it in Logic.  I always end up paying the $30 for a month of Pro Tools to deal with the files there.  But I'd rather avoid that.  Anybody have any advice or ideas?



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Tell the clients from now on, to give you the files in exactly right format you need, or there is an extra $50 plus time charge to convert them.. With enough lazy clients, you'll pick up a few extra bucks.  


Of course it depends on the scope of your studio.  I worked out of my home studio, in a spare bedroom..  At one point,  I got fed up with all the little extras and told clients they needed to provide exactly what I needed.  DVD's to back up project, CD's,  Of course if your a 'real professional studio, I can see you not wanted to do that. Raise you price to compensate for the pro-tools $$$

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It's a competitive world out there for mixing and bands and labels have less money available these days.  Charging extra for conversion might cause clients to look elsewhere.  I don't know if it's possible to buy an older version of Pro Tools native second hand, but it's worth looking into.  I started by using learning Pro Tools just enough to export projects to Logic my self. It's really pretty quick and simple to do.  As time went on, and I got more clients I realised that almost everything that comes to you from a medium or large studio (and many small ones) will be Pro Tools, its ubiquitous.  Music from producers or home project studios tends to come as Logic.  So in the end I learned Pro Tools and when something comes in at Pro Tools I stay in Pro Tools.  If it comes in as Logic I use Logic. So I use both Pro Tools and Logic interchangeably every day.  


It's really not that hard to learn Pro Tools if you know Logic well.  I did it in a couple of weeks.  This guy, Tim Hall is great, he explains everything you need to know to use Pro Tools really clearly in one sitting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_o1E8K5WwWg


For my own music I prefer to in Logic, for me it's overall a better DAW for mixing, it often takes less clicks to achieve the same thing in Logic as it does in Pro Tools.  Logic is now just as good at fast editing, it didn't used to be, but it is now.  Actually it's faster at some types of editing.  You can't save channel strip settings in Pro Tools which is a HUGE time saver in Logic.  Logic's mixer routing is more sophisticated in many ways than Pro Tools, but they are extremely similar. 


However medium and large studios will continue to use Pro Tools because it is still better at multi-track recording.  Try recording 24 tracks and then punching in for the chorus with a whole band, while monitoring their previous take - with no drop outs or glitches in the monitoring - and real time effects running on the headphone mix in Logic - it's not going to happen.  Not dependably, not without glitches, not easily.   Pro Tools is made from the ground up, to do that seamlessly.  That's why people use it.  For layered recording Logic is fine and for mixing I actually think its superior to Pro Tools in many ways.  But for recording lots of tracks at once with live effects monitoring... Pro Tools is just built for that.  So my advice is buy an older copy of Pro Tools (it's basic operation hasn't changed much since version 8) and learn it.  Hard not to if you're going to make a living out of mixing.

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