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Where to find El Capitan now ?

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Well, I'm trapped.

As usual I wait as long as possible before upgrading Mac OS, for the reasons you guy's are aware . If it work don't fix it , bla bla ...

Very happy with Yosemite since years. Have jumped from Snow to Yos directly.

But now some plugs update and some utility needs le latest OS. I guess developpers have no time to check older ones.

So, I would like to install El Capitan ( widely approved by LPX users ) and guess what , not available anymore by the classic Apple path.

Of course.

Is there any chance to find El Capitan somewhere in the world ?


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I say it again because this is important.

Always download the current OS even if you don't intend to install it.

Doing this will add it to your list of apps. That way you can download it at a later time when you do need it.


You can use a friends Apple ID or use a USB key installer created on a friends computer to install El Capitan.

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Incidentally, when installing any operating system update, I always do it as I did it years ago:  using external media.


These days, this consists of downloading from the App Store and then, instead of installing directly from that, follow the (obscure, but always available on the net ...) instructions for creating an installer on a USB stick or a DVD.  I always keep both the installer of the OS that I am running now, and, on a separate stick, the next one.  (And if I elect not to install it at all, I still keep that stick.)

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