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Focusrite (2i2) Keeps Disconnecting Randomly

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Hello All,


My Scarlett 2i2 (new Gen) keeps disconnecting randomly during my sessions in logic Pro X (Up To Date). I have ordered a new one to see if the issue is with the interface but it has not arrived yet. Wanted to ask if anyone else had similar experience.



Best Regards,


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I've had issues in the past, with USB connections, and now with thunderbolt..  Apple and other manufactures do not use 'military grade' hardware (if it even exists now)..  Simply what it means is not all jacks and sockets are precisely the exact size they are supposed to be..  I've has Mac USB jacks, that were a bit to big on my 2008 mac pro, and the USB plug 'floated' around..  breaking contact sometimes, Those I solved with another usb cable. of a piece of paper maybe folded once, and inserted into usb socket to make it tight..  I have that problem on my 2015 mac pro.. One thunderbolt socket occasionally breaks connection, the other Thnderbolt sockets are tight.. plug doesn't move at all.. 


I had a similar problem with my RME Fireface 800..  On my old mac pro.. The Firewire 800 jack on RME was a tad to large, or firewire plug on cable was to small. wasn't a tight fit. Had to use 400 socket.  When I got the 2015 Mac Pro.. I bought another firewire 800 cable, that fits nicely into RME, but once in a while comes loose on the firewire 800 to thunderbolt adaptor.. Kinda sad for such an expensive machine.. But you live with it. 


so check cables first, cheapest maybe solution.  Another time I bought one of those 3 inch usb extenders (for my Ilok).. that was a tighter fit.. See if you can try your Scarlett on another mac?.. 

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