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Sound Library Missing Some Jam Packs, etc.

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New Logic user here, and first time posting :) While I was watching some tutorials on YouTube, I realized that in my sound library, I am missing some sounds despite installing all the available sounds. I've tried trashing the preferences file to see if that could some how re-detect missing libraries, but as you can see in this picture, the only jam pack content I have is Voices and World Music. 




Here, you can see I've downloaded and installed them all



It should look like this except it's not:



I've tried refreshing the library from the gear menu but that didn't seem to have any effect in this case. Also, what does the [Revert] button do next to the gear menu? I've clicked on it but it doesn't seem to have any response. 



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Thanks for the reply, Eric.


When I check inside, it looks like this:



I think it's getting a dash because of those apple loops that cannot be selected. But Logic is saying it's installed? I have Garageband installed as well. Maybe there's a conflict? I might just do a complete reinstall but that's nearly 40gb of downloading... I'll do some more research. Thanks again.

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Okay I figured it out. It's because of Garageband (an older installation). According to Apple documentation, older directory structures are preserved and only new sounds will be installed in the new location. So when I looked in the Garageband sound library, that's where everything resides for me because those came from a previous install of Garageband. To get indexing like the tutorial screen shows, I'd have to uninstall my version of Garageband, delete the libraries, and simply update sound libraries in LPX and download. Mystery solved. I'm too tired now to bother reinstalling, just knowing that they do exist is good enough. This was driving me crazy. Hope this helps someone with a similar issue in the future.
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