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Lost serial number Logic 9


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I recently did a time machine backup, wiped my macbook pro and then reinstalled everything.  Logic 9 is now asking for a serial number

when i try and open it and  I lost the disks and packaging years

ago.  I've no idea what the serial number is.  I did register the product when i first bought it in 2011 but Apple said they can't help me.

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I did register the product when i first bought it in 2011 but Apple said they can't help me.

Wow. What a horrible attitude on their part! The only point of registering a product with their manufacturer is to HELP the manufacturer. What they're basically telling you is that even though you (a small individual guy) helped them (a huge cash flowing corporation), they are now no longer willing to help you. I don't think that's acceptable. I would keep calling them and insist. Maybe it's just a matter of landing on the right person at the other hand of the line?


Best of luck but unfortunately, regarding this matter, only Apple can help you.

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Same experience too, they refused to help me initially as i couldn't find original receipts / proof of purchase, despite having the original box and disks etc. At one point they looked like they were going to issue me a new serial number for a fee, but then it wasn't offered to me.


They wouldn't do anything to resolve it in the end, which i found really annoying, particularly when i google searched for others in the same boat and realised that many people just put in a serial published online, while illegal and against apples t&c it seems that people can just do this so easily, so i felt really let down knowing that.


However, As it turned out, i eventually found my original serial and receipts, it was in an iMac box that i threw a load of stuff in from my desk when we moved house - i was so relieved.


I would say it was a lesson learnt, but online licensing really has changed the playing field somewhat, in fact it's superb in comparison to that experience.


This link may be of use if you have proof of purchase by the way:-


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Have you tried looking through your Time Machine backups for the Logic Studio System ID?


You may have changed the name of your main drive so replace Macintosh HD with whatever your new name is.


Go into your backups and look for:

Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Pro Apps/Logic Studio System ID


If you find it in one of your backups then copy it from your backup onto your main drive in the same location to see if that works. You might need to Repair Permissions first.

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