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Songwriting equipment set up?

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I'm looking for some advice on a songwriting equipment set up. 


I'm not sure if I should get a mac pro machine or a laptop? What specs would I need to look out for when purchasing a laptop. 


I want to do it as cheaply as possible,


my equipment so far.


Roland Digital Piano

Apogee duet 2 audio interface

1TB External Hardrive (sample libraries)

Yamaha Monitors 

Acoustic Guitar 


Thanks for any advice. I would prefer a laptop but unsure of what model I should get.. 


I mean if it can run up to 40-60 tracks on logic pro x with libraries and plug ins id be happy.


Thanks forum!

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well if you move around a lot and want to do music on the move then it has to be a laptop. if you have a static studio set up generally a desktop will give more options for hard drives, number of drives etc and probably offer better reliability.  a mac pro 3.1 2008 model will run mac operating system El Capitan, and the current ( latest ) 10.2.4  logic pro X,and won't cost that much these days. if your new to music on computer i think it would be enough for  your needs . i once spent $7000 on a G3 mac with every option and gave it away 6 years later. computers are always throw away money. just get something that will do what you want now and by the time you really need a faster one, it will be 4 times cheeper than it is now. personally i like mac desktops and have used them for 20 years without reliability issues. rock steady machines. laptops less reliable due to them being moved and bashed around. hard drives don't like to be knocked whilst spinning. thats why laptop drives fail more than desktop machines. good luck with your endeavours. buddha
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Very important:

Avoid USB 2.0 external hard drives that spin at 5400 rpm.

Make sure they are USB 3.0 and spin at 7200 rpm if you want to use them for projects or sample libraries.


For laptops a great deal is a 15-inch 2012 i7 quad-core macbook pro. You can find them used for less than a grand.

They give you USB 3, Firewire and Thunderbolt, plus the ability to exchange the HD and add more ram.

Don't spend money on dual-cores in my opinion.


For Mac Pros, the old format, anything from 2009 on with dual CPUs, or an original six-core from 2010 or 2012.

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Also, if you poke around "apple.com" a little bit you'll find the place where they sell "refurbished" computers ... with the very same warranty that they offer for brand-new.  These are the computers that were on display at Apple retail stores, and, in the eyes of American law, they now cannot be sold as "new."


They take them back, completely overhaul them as necessary, and sell them mail-order.  They are, simply, "the same computers that you lusted after l-a-s-t year."  As good as new, but sometimes considerably cheaper.  They'll equip them as you like (with you paying retail for any additional parts e.g. memory), before shipping them out from Cupertino.


This is how I've bought all of my Apple gear since ... forever.

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