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Auxs not distributing across cores on el capitan


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Since upgrading to el capitan I find I can't play back a lot of songs created under the previous system because they hit the CPU limit.  They played back fine before upgrading.  Looking at the CPU meter in LPX I can see that not all the cores are being used.  According to apple, is you distribute your plugins across different auxs, they will be distributed across the cores.  This was true under the previous system, but is not working under el capitan on my laptop.  I find if I change the process buffer range or the multithreading from playback tracks to playback & live tracks I get different distributions across the cores.  What is strange is that it is not constant.  Each time I swap the multithreading setting or the process buffer setting I get a different distribution.  Sometimes everything is moved to a single core other times its spread over half the cores (never more than that).  If I switch settings again, it randomly changes the distribution behaviour.  So the exact same settings can give me only one core or four of the 8 cores.  


Anyone have any ideas why this is happening?  The only option I've come up with is to downgrade to the older system and that's a big job.

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