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Flex Pitch Wave Form Won't Move


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First time posting with Logic-Pro-Help, though I've been rescued many times by your forum. Thanks for being here.


I'm using flex pitch to build a vocal harmony. My region has been analyzed and everything's progressing smoothly, until I get to the last segment of the region. When I try and relocate the segment, the color field moves but the waveform won't move with it, as it does with every other segment in the region. I move the note segment up, but the waveform stays behind, and the playback pitch is staying normal, with the waveform.  I've attached an image showing the before and after of the problem, where the segment is moved up, but the waveform stays as it was.


I've deleted the harmony track and started over with a fresh copy, even shut down Logic and started a fresh harmony track, but it does it every time, with only the final segment.


Any help to get past this would get me one step closer to finishing my master-piece ...   :-]





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I just realized that by waveform you mean the pitch curve. And you're right, that light gray pitch curve should move along with the beam when you drag it up or down. I'm not sure why it doesn't want to react to your operations on that particular note. 


What about the other controls? Does the pitch curve react when you adjust fine pitch, pitch drift, and Vibrato?

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