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Why do my AUX channels sound different?


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At first you're just running all your signal through the effect then routing the output of the channel strip to the Stereo Out.


Then you're moving the effects to the Aux, sending to that Aux, plus in parallel you continue to ouptut the dry signal from the channel strip to the Stereo Out, which is why it's much louder: you're mixing two parallel signal, the one routed to the output (dry) and the one sent to the bus (wet).


To get the same results as in your first example, set the output of the channel strip to No Output, or remove the send and set the output of the channel strip to Bus 1.


BTW you can Option-click your send knob to set it to zero. (Option-click any Logic knob/fader to set it to default value)

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Short summary:

- Effects on AUX (using sends from tracks) = parallel, two or more signals heard simultaneously

- Effects on TRACK = serial, one signal heard

- Using sends = parallel

- Using output = serial


Keep in mind as soon as you add a send you multiply the signal. That is not the case if you set a bus as output on the track. 


So, usually it looks like this: 

1. Output = 1 signal

2. Add first send = 2 signals

3. Add second send = 3 signals

4. Add third send = 4 signals

5. Set track output to "No output" = 3 signals


and so on... I hope you get the idea. 

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