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"Falling" out of Record


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I'm using Logic Pro X to host plugins, and for its midi instruments. My main DAW is Studio Vision Pro. When I need to, I sync them both via MTC with SVP as the master. If I have a couple of internal or plugin instruments instantiated in Logic I record-enable them so that they receive midi info from SVP. This works fine, except that the instruments often lose their record-enabled status. I often have to, as the sequence is playing, hit the record button in the instruments so that they receive midi. I already have the "separate multiple midi channels on record" toggle in. This happens regardless of whether Logic is receiving sync from SVP, although for some reason it happens a little less when it is receiving sync. If I force the instrument into record while the sequence is playing, it will stay in record for the whole pass, but may fall out of record when I stop/start the sequence again.


Thanks for any advice.


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Hi, I did try that with no change noted. I did find, however that if record-enable ALL the midi instruments, not just some of them, they stay in record mode. I remember that I also discovered this behavior when I would try to highlight any other track in the mixer window; any midi record-enabled tracks would drop out of record unless they were all record-enabled. Kind of odd.
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