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Edirol PCR MIDI Keyboard. Any OS X 10.12 workaround ?

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Besides disabling S.I.P.  in OS X Sierra, is there any workaround to get my an old Edirol PCR 500 keyboard connected with Logic Pro X?

It's has been a trusty old unit that sits off on the side , but is used when we need an extra knob or slider control. Plus ....it has aftertouch (sort of) .

It worked flawlessly with all the bells and whistles until Sierra and was even included in the auto mapping configs that came along in LPX 10.2.4  

We have other keyboards ..... but this one has sentimental value.  We're ... clingy. 

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omg, i had a pcr m-1... a decade ago. meanwhile...

disabling SIP is only necessary if it's necessary, to install an OS-level driver, for instance (that won't install with it enabled). after the install, you can (and probably should) re-enable SIP.


if it was there in LX 10.2.4, and you haven't changed anything with the app... is it not still there?

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The PCR drivers/configuration were installed 2 years ago.

I can see the PCR 'driver' in Audio MIDi setup . But can not set it to 'Online' . Greyed out.

I'll disable SIP just to see if it works..... maybe there's a way to keep it working even after re-engaging SIP.

Thank you sir for your reply.

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I went through all this a year ago. They stopped supporting Macs at El Capitan...so no updates. What I managed to get working then...hopefully still?....  ditched the usb cable and use a midi cable (converter thing with a usb one end and two midi din type things the other with flashing lights in the middle)and the I got some functionality. Since bought a Komplete Kontrol Keyboard so don't do it anymore...
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Your PCR-500 was working with El Capitan ? Or Yosemite ? All was ok and flawless with Logic ? (Can you reply at this question ? Would be nice from you :) )


Your experience would be helpful for me and others people, with all useful info (version of OS X, version of Edirol/Roland driver or without driver).


Maybe there is a turnaround : desinstall the Edirol/Roland driver and desactivate the Advanced Driver on the PCR-500.

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Was working flawlessly on El Capitan.

No issues with Logic 

All latest version of OSX , Logic and the last driver update from Roland .... which was 2007 I believe.


Deactivate the  "Advanced Driver on PCR-500" ?  < I don't know what you are referring to. 


Turning off OSX Sierra's S.I.P. did not solve anything. 

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The standard midi driver worked for me.  I deleted the midi setup I had that supported the Edirol specific maps and then changed the settings as indicated above and the PCR-800 works now.  I had to redo the controller mappings which was a little pain but all is good now
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  • 5 years later...

If you are using a Mac osx past Yosemite this will probably be your fix

Easy fix 1 or 2 options or both

Turn off advance driver setting from the controller instructions 

# 1 press edit

use value knob and turn to SYS press enter

press edit again scroll and find SY10

press enter

turn advance driver setting off press enter

press enter again to turn play mode on



# 2  also go to applications folder

scroll and find the roland folder and 

delete the folder because the driver inside has the 🚫sign over it.  

now your Roland controller will default to your commputers generic midi controller drivers.


Platinum Producer JoeTraxx


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