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Apple Oct. 27 Mac Event - What Do You Expect?

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So a few days ago Apple confirmed they're holding an event on Thursday Oct. 27th. The event invites are usually somewhat cryptic hints at what's coming. With Apple's culture of secrecy one can never be sure what that'll be but it's always kinda fun to speculate.




So looking at the invite, here are some thoughts that've crossed my mind....


First the 'hello again' tagline. Lowercase, I don't think means anything - they've been kinda trending that way - macOS for example. The tagline, though, pretty clearly shows it's a Mac event and does seem to indicate that Apple sees the next step as something monumental (the 'Hello' at the launches of the first Mac and the first iMac). 


So the graphic - what I see is a space background and some smoke. Or haze. Or.....clouds?


For a couple years now I've been reading stories of how Apple considers 'services' to be a big potential source of revenue and, accordingly, have been building on and pushing their iCloud offerings. MacOS Sierra will store your desktop and Documents folders in the cloud. Many of their other apps now include a cloud element. With that line of thinking, what about an iCloud based Mac - similar to the Chromebook? Would tie in completely with Apple's push for everything in the cloud, as well as their 'everything wireless' approach of late. Wouldn't need to include much real storage space - could even just include a basic OS to boot into the cloud as a firmware OS.


Also, with the iPhone 7 line they've been pretty heavily touting the new A10 as having 'Desktop Class' performance, with tests showing the A10 bests the low end MacBook Air in performance. That's in a tiny processor engineered for a mobile device. What about a bit larger processor engineered for a Mac? How much more performance would they be able to squeeze out of that? It's said that a major roadblock to Apple releasing upgraded Macs more often is Intel's slowdown in the roadmap of future processor architectures. If they were to go with an in house processor (remember, they're already 'desktop class ;-) they'd be able to bypass that roadblock.


I've also read stories for years with people prognosticating that Apple is moving in this direction but it's all speculation with no real evidence. Several months ago (as I understand it), though, Apple changed the requirements for developers submitting apps to the App Store so that they now must, apparently, submit binaries, not a full application package. If this is the case, how hard would it be for Apple to simply recompile the Binary to work on, say, an A-based platform? I'm not a programmer so I don't know but knowing Apple it seems feasible.


And if they do go this route, do they just offer it as a lower end Mac device (the next evolution of the MacBook Air, for instance) while higher end Macs stick with the Intel processors or do they go whole hog with it, phasing it in across the Mac product line over the next few cycles?


And if they were to go this route, how would that affect us as Logic Pro X users? Sure Logic would work just fine but what about the $$$ most of us have spent on third party plugins, VI's, etc? 


I've been wanting to move to a new Mac now for a few years but haven't been able to come up with the funds to get into anything that'd be much of an upgrade over my 2011 Mac Mini Server so I've waited. I've been looking at (and drooling over) a 2015 iMac w/4.0GHz i7 for quite a while now and finally have the $$$ to make it happen. My hope is that, at Thursday's event they don't 'reinvent the wheel' across the line. I'm hoping they maintain the USB ports we've all become accustomed to and standard Thunderbolt ports. I'm not really interested in moving to USB-C connectors (although I know it's coming eventually) that'd require me to stock up on adapter dongles LOL!!! I'm running an Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt interface & would prefer to not have to use an adapter to plug it in.


Of course a 'return to form' Mac Pro design with plenty of room for expansion would be nice too but I'm not gonna hold my breath for that LOL!!!!!


I know that I could just get a 2015 iMac now and not have to deal with all these things but I also know how Apple is when they move away from something in a new direction - they usually move pretty quickly. I don't wanna spend upwards of $3k on a seemingly badass machine only to see it essentially EOL'd in 4-5 years. Would also hate to pull the trigger & just as my new Mac is arriving, watch the event and see them unveil something completely badass LOL!!!!!!! So I'll wait a few days with fingers crossed....


So what are your thoughts? Anything good coming?

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