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Ultrabeat instrument???


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Since I have updated my software to macOS Sierra,


I can't seem to find the Ultrabeat Drum Machine instrument???


is there another way of using 1 shot samples on a piano roll or synchroniser with volume control on each individual shot or is there something I missing to not finding the Ultabeat Machine???


Thanks Blaine

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Well I had logic x on my iMac desktop and wanted to get on to my MacBook Pro,

but it wouldn't let me because the software on my MacBook was too dated, so I had to get it updated to the newest so I could see my purchase history through iTunes, so that I could then download it on to the laptop for use, but it seems to have downloaded a more recen version of Logic Pro X.

I still can't see the Ultrabeat Drum Machine, when you said enable the audio interface in audio Prefrences is that the Core Audio box?

And the EXS24 seems to not be able to read my purchased 1 shot hits off my desktop???

Any ideas......

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Just in case, now that you have downloaded a (possibly newer*) version of Logic on your MBP, you should make sure that you download all additional content on it as well. See: 




You'll see in the Sound Library Manager that there's a specific content item for Drum Machine.



Another thing to do: did you check whether Ultrabeat appears in the PlugIn Manager and/or whether its status is validated? Logic Pro X > Preferences > PlugIn Manager...


* It might be useful that you clarify which Logic version you have installed on your MBP, although Ultrabeat is available on all of them.

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