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Logic X midi sound problem

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Hi, I am new to this forum. I have a problem with no sound coming out of my external keyboard. I have plugged the midi cables into my my mac, and I have set the instrument as "utility" -> "external instrument". There is no sound when I hit the keys. But Logic knows the keyboard is there as if I play a chord it tells me which chord I am playing. So the data is coming through, but I can't hear it. Furthermore, I can record midi using the keyboard, and you can see the notes on the track and you can edit them so everything is working, except for the sound. Any help appreciated.
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So where were you expecting sound to come from? "External Instrument" is used if you have external sound producing hardware, which you can only hear if you've also routed the sound output into your Mac. So what keyboard do you have? If it is a MIDI controller only, then it cannot produce sound, just MIDI. MIDI is to a software synth what the hammer is in the piano. You seeing the chords being played means the hammer is working, but it is just not hitting a string.

What you need to do to hear sound coming from Logic, is to create a Software Instrument track, and load a software instrument on that, and choose a preset on that instrument.

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