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BPM Detection to 2 or 3 decimal places and BPM adjustment


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I'm assuming there's no way to get the BPM Finder to detect/display 2 or 3 decimal spaces accurate results?


If not, does anyone recommend a great 3rd party tool?  and/or a 3rd party tool that changes the tempo of regions/tracks?  haven't

had great success always with Flex :-(


is there a way besides flex to change bpm of audio?  preferably individual regions/tracks? 

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after posting I saw a piece on the "beat and time machine" within Logic.

Is this air tight effective? does it speed up/slow down the audio with unwanted artifacts etc within 2-3 BPM?

i'd be using it on rhythm guitar,drums, and bass.


But I'm still looking for a tool to detect bpm to a 2-3 decimal point accuracy assuming the bpm finder can't do that

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