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distorted noise when recording at 1.03 mins - everytime

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I am running the latest version of Logic, with Os Sierra 


Recently every time I record, a horrible distorted/white noise occurs at 1.03 mins (roughly) - this only appears to happen when the (I) button near ® is on (i think this is the input monitoring button). 


I am recording two tracks, with no plugins


Anyone else having similar problems?

Can you suggest a fix? The noise is horrible, but does not get recorded to the track on playback 


Many thanks 


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Likely a feedback...Are you monitoring from your FA66-speakers?

In Logic general audio preferences does Software Monitoring features enabled (checkmarked)?

  • If you have turned on software monitoring in your application, turn the FA-66’s hardware monitoring (direct monitor) off to prevent double monitoring and to keep an audio feedback loop from occurring. 

Did you follow the FA66 installation/operation instructions from the manual?

Also, perhaps you have an (undue) automation recorded...

Are you using a MIDI controller? Paying a visit in the Controller Setup window to check if an undue controller got installed there could reveal the source of your problem.

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