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Delay Settings in ms


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Hey Guys,


I would love to set 70ms in the audio track information, which shows no delay parameter.


 I unswitched use musical grid.


The region information does not allow to set 70ms and delivers an approximation of 69,8ms. So all values seem to be tick based, just converted to ms.

How can I switch to proper ms calculation (0.1ms steps).





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How can I switch to proper ms calculation (0.1ms steps).

You can't, not with that tool.


You could consider using a plug-in such as AUDelay. In Controls mode, you can set the Delay Time to 0.0700 sec (70ms). Make sure you fully open the lowpass.


Or you could use the Sample delay, and make the necessary calculations to figure out 70ms at your sample rate.

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The granularity you come across is due to SMPTE format (subframe value).

No it is indeed due to the tick/ms relationship as LPHTM said. SMPTE format affects only the display of SMPTE time, and won't change the Delay parameter's resolution. Under the hood, that Delay parameter is always set in whole tick units (even when displayed in ms because you disabled the Musical grid). Depending on tempo, a tick may not be an integer number of ms.

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Ok, sorry for my misunderstanding. I was probably confused with how one can align regions in the main window. Then, provided that in the OP tempo is not relevant in itself (for instance if only audio is involved and all regions are SMPTE-locked) then another solution would be to set tempo to 125 (with a 4/4 signature). As there are 960 ticks per quarter note, each tick would be exactly 0.5 ms long, thus enabling a delay in round ms numbers.
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