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Mapped instrument template imported in new project

Daniel Lemay

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Hi everyone.  


I created mapped instrument for drum notation,  and they worked out perfectly.  The templates I created were all saved in Logic's template folder.  I have some problems when I try to open them in a new project.  On the original project,  I create a region on the first track on witch I'll write the notes and I will hear the sound and see the notation perfectly (notice that I have the first track and a second one, named the "playback" track),  but once opened in a new project, the template will not work.  Although the two tracks will show up the right way,  I won't hear a thing if I write midi notes on the first track.  If I select the first track and play,  no sound come out of Logic,  but if I select the playback track,  I'll hear the sounds.  Am I doing something wrong while importing the template??

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If you move the unworking region from its track and either copy or move it to the track that works, does it playback properly?

Is there any transposition parameter involved either in the track or in the region inspector?

If not, many things could be the cause of your issue...

Uploading (part of) your problematic project here could allow us to troubleshoot it.

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