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Sidechaining With Alchemy as a Sampler

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In Ultrabeat, if you wanted to route a sample to an auxiliary channel you just have to select multiple output when creating the instrument, and then assign w/e output you want inside the vst.


I've been messing about with Alchemy for little while, using as a sampler. I cant for the life of me figure out how/if having multiple sends is possible when using it as a sampler.


Is there any way to assign the sources to different outputs, or would I have to make multiple instances of Alchemy, one for each sample?


Goal: I would like to be able to sidechain an instrument to the kick sample, but not the rest of the drums.

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You would need a multi output version of Alchemy which isn't an option.

Create 2 instances of Alchemy and keep the kick separate to other sounds.


Another option is to use a dummy instrument as the sidechain trigger.

Setup the key limit on that instrument to limit the range of notes to the kick. Then make an alias of the MIDI region on your original track. 


Now you can output this dummy track to a bus and use that bus as your key in the external sidechain.

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