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Mapping drum set to MIDI?


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I'm new to Logic so I'm not sure if I even have the terminology right.


I have a Yamaha DTX430 electronic drum kit.  It's plugged into the computer via USB.  Logic's Drummer mode sees it fine and it works well, but that's all waveform.  What I'd like to do is make it so when I record it into Logic, it comes in as MIDI so I can manipulate it in the editor?  I THINK this is possible, so the question is, how do I do it exactly? :)





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What I'm still not at all clear on is how to go about mapping the various drum parts (e.g. the snare drum, the three toms, the crash symbol, the hihat and the other one, whatever it's called) to specific sounds in Logic so that they all come in as MIDI data rather than waveform.

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What you mention are two distinct things. Mapping a MIDI note so that it triggers a specific sound is not a requirement to be able to record it as MIDI. You'll be able to record MIDI even if you haven't mapped notes to specific sounds. 


Start by creating a software instrument track, press record, and hit some pads on your kit. You should see MIDI notes get recorded in a region on that track. In fact, Logic will record the MIDI data regardless of the type of track you use, but assuming you want to be triggering software instruments (which produce sound when receiving MIDI), you will obviously want to work with software instrument tracks.



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