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I often use a hot-cold (two microphones, Ribbon R121 and Condenser U87) recording setup when tracking guitars. I keep the same amp settings and mic placement but run two instances of Guitar Amp Designer on two separate Aux/Audio tracks in order to have the two microphone outputs of R121 and U87. The problem I have is when I change parameters on one Amp, I then have to copy the settings over to the other, or I could go through the whole Smart Control setup and link the two Amps but this requires some work (no big deal) but most importantly, I loose out on the nice Amp GUI. So, would it not be possible to split the output before the signal reaches the mic and speaker cabinet and to then have two separate outputs, one for each microphone instance? Kinda like a multi-output device like Drummer or Ultrabeat. It would probably also be handy to have a link button in order to link the two microphones so that mic positions could be locked to avoid phase. I presume this could also help with CPU usage when using this type of tracking setup.
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