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I would like to see more GUI options and features. For example, if I was to create a custom channel strip (PreAmp, Desk Emulation, Compressor and EQ) within Smart Controls, like the Waves Neve Shepps or SSL Channel Strip, I would require more features, like a VU meter or any for that matter, a vertical layout, more knobs, a fader, etc. It would be even nicer if we could actually design these ourselves (based on an LPX Smart Control Template) so that we can change the colours, etc. Within the Midi Environment you can take a design quite far in order to achieve what you want but yes, it's not very pretty and unfortunately, there are some parameters that can't be linked like the Compressor Type for instance. I believe the Logic Team wants us to use the Smart Control feature instead of the Midi Environment, so based on that, I feel I should ask/demand for more because it feels like the Logic Team gave me a new set of crutches but only shipped out one crutch by mistake...and I am still waiting for the other one to arrive.
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