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Need help with Logic Pro X midi.


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I'm using Logic Pro X as my DAW and M-Audio Oxygen 49 as my MIDI keyboard.

Now I want to control my Eventide Time Factor by sending it CC messages with my Oxygen, but I can't figure it out.


If I make an external MIDI track for the Time Factor the MIDI information is going through. So I have the connection between Logic and Time Factor.

But when turning a knob on my Oxygen, it doesn't send cc messages to my Time Factor. So, how can I get my Oxygen to send out MIDI CC messages? Or am I doing anything else completely wrong?


Help would be much appreciated!



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If you're getting MIDI into Logic from your Oxygen, you should be able to have that data go through and out to the Eventide via your external MIDI track just fine. If your Eventide is not responding, it may be set up to receive on a MIDI channel that doesn't match that of the data your sending it, or maybe it needs to be set up to respond to the type of data your sending it.


Better check its manual.



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