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Is it possible to use the effects in Alchemy on another instruments?


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One of the main midi instrument sounds I'm using is an Alchemy sound and it has Alchemy effects on it.


I would like to use some of the same reverb on other instruments so that the sounds fit better together in a mix.


Is it possible to do this, or perhaps the Alchemy reverb is available elsewhere within Logic?

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AFAIK I don't think it's possible to route the entire mix (or even part of it) in Alchemy's Fx in realtime. You could probably sample (a relative short part of) the mix and import that sample into Alchemy to apply its reverb. Or perhaps create an Impulse Response from it into Space Designer, which you would subsequently apply to your mix in realtime.
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I think the alchemy effects are the basically the Camelspace plug-in. 

I have both and i haven't had a chance to test this out, but that's what I've heard someone else say.

I guess Alchemy probably builds on this so contains more filter types etc.. 


You'd need to wait for someone who's selling a copy as they don't make it anymore.

I use 10.9.5/Logic 10.2.2 and Camelspace works fine.


Other than that, it would be great if Apple released a version of Logic with Alchemy effects separate.

Camelspace is a great plug-in.

It has a beautiful, easy to understand interface and the rhythmic gater is superb.

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