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Logic X just erased ALL my automation curves!!!


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I've been using Logic since version 4.  Since the 90s.  I've NEVER had it randomly lose my automation data.  It seems as though I've lost, in an instant, 57 tracks of extremely complex automation data.  And I can't hit undo to retrieve it.  It's gone.  Is there something that I'm doing wrong here?  Has this happened to anyone else?  Can I get this info back?  I lost, seriously, over 8 hours of work.  And it's not just the time - it was the art.  I will never be able to reproduce what I did.  I was done.  It was perfect.  And it was also for a client who is on a tight deadline.  This is the shittiest thing that's ever happened to me using Logic.


If anyone has some magic button that I don't know about (I guess 20 years of using Logic isn't enough????) then I'd love to hear it.  Did I just temporarily, unknowingly, disable everything?  Did I "hide" it?  I certainly did NOT delete it.  There is no quick key for deleting ALL your automation.  And that's for a reason.  Is this a bug?  Fuckkkkkkkkkk.


Any help would be much appreciated.  

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Can I get this info back?

I have no clue how this erasing happened in your case, but be aware that LPX backups everything you do each time you hit the Save command. So if within your 8 hours of lost work you have saved at various points in time, you should backtrack through these backups untill you find one where automation is preserved. Use File > Revert to... to see these backups in the submenu (sorted by descending order, from most recent = "Saved", to least recent, with their dates/times). Maybe it's a couple of hours (and art) only you've lost, or even less... Crossing fingers...

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