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Audio goes crazy when Pack Take Folder is used

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Hey guys!


Yesterday I recorded a bunch of vocal tracks, all in different tracks (I never really used the track folders, just because I never got used to it, even though I know it's super useful).

Everything sounds great, but once I select them and choose Pack Take Folder, some of the regions sound as if I had some transient markers moved to the right, making some parts of the audio sound like draaaaaaaaaaagiiiinng. Anyone experienced this? I attached 2 mp3 files, one is the original and the other one is after I packed as take folder.


Hope anyone can help me figuring out what's happening.


Thanks :)


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Make sure the files start at the same spot and that none of them has flex enabled.

Thanks for the reply. It surely is a bug, because having the same start (or not) or even the flex being enabled doesn't change its behavior in a normal situation. I just found out that it happens once I play the file without choosing another alternative/region (or section). Once I click another region and then go back to the first one, it goes back to normal. So it's a bug. At least I just figured it out :)

But thanks for taking the time to reply, anyway! ;)

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