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Arpeggiator - way to have no repeat on outside notes


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Hi guys,


I'm trying to figure something out in relation to the arpeggiator Midi plugin.


The Logic Pro help section says (see red highlight):


Direction buttons: Set the arpeggio direction.

  • Up: The arpeggio is played from the lowest note to the highest note.
  • Down: The arpeggio is played from the highest note to the lowest note.
  • Up/Down: The arpeggio plays up and down, from the lowest note; the highest and lowest notes repeat.
  • Outside-in: The arpeggio plays the highest then the lowest notes, then the second highest and second lowest, the third highest and third lowest, and so on.
  • Random: Arpeggiated notes play in a random order.
  • As played: All notes play in the order they were triggered.
  • Lock button: Works in conjunction with the As played button. When you first click the As played button, an open lock symbol is shown. Click the open lock symbol once you have triggered an arpeggio to lock the current note order, indicated by a closed lock. This note order and feel is retained for any newly triggered arpeggios, but with new notes replacing the original notes. Click the lock symbol again to clear the locked note order and to revert to the standard “as played” behavior. The lock state and note order can be saved with a setting.


Does anybody know if there is away to not have the highest and lowest notes repeat?

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