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Preparing tracks for Live performance


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Hello guys,


So my first gig with macbook/logic/mainstage is coming). I've made the preparations that are usually suggested i.e all tracks are in audio, program change mainstage presets via midi etc.. The one thing I can't understand - is about mixing live and preparing tracks - especially their level. We got drum (kick/snare/hat/noises) and pads backing tracks, plus we play guitar, vocals, and some synths playing live via mainstage. I'll give stereo pair to mixer at gig with all backs and other instruments via separate channels  - but how to soundcheck backs? Tracks are different-using different sounds  - that should be mixed live according to the situation, so kick from 1 track is not like in the second, for ex. And the engineer will be able only to manipulate with the whole signal from the pair...Should we give him logic remote? Or should we check a few bar of each song before the show? Or is there some standard way to normalize tracks for live, kind of "mastering for live"?


Thanks in advance,

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