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Routing analogue drum machine into individual tracks via midi?


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Hi people,


Hopefully someone can help me. I've just purchased the Arturia Drumbrute. It's my first analogue drum machine so I'm quite new to routing this in logic. I'm looking to route each drum to individual tracks in logic via midi so I can control and use effects on the individual tracks. What's the best route to take? Cheers

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I don't know much about Drumbrute, but for what I gather, it is issuing pre-recorded sound samples. Which means that you have to route the audio signal from it to Logic, in order to use Logic's audio FXs plugins. 

IOW, the Drumbrute's MIDI (or MIDI from any other sources) will not be affected by Logic audio FXs... 

The Drumbrute's MIDI could however trigger software instrument plugins instantiated inside Logic, but that is probably not what you are looking for.

In order to use Logic's audio FXs, an autdio interface is required to bridge the sound from your Drumbrute's audio outputs to Logic's audio inputs. Once the audio interface is properly installed, plugged, configured (in AMS and Logic, etc...), you would create audio tracks in Logic, then set each Logic track's Input to corresponding audio interface Drumbrute instrument audio bus.

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