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Is my Logic install broken? (3 gifs inside)


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Hi All,


Haven't used Logic a ton in the past year, so I could be wrong, but my Logic is acting very strange.


1. Scissors tool - sometimes cutting a random portion of an audio region, rather than just splitting it



2. Key Commands - custom command reverting to the original factory command, even though the custom command is still there



3. Snap - not snapping audio file to the correct increment



In addition to that, flex time has been really strange. It's not showing marker points, and when turning enabling it on certain regions they balloon to 3X the length.


I tried:


1. Restarting Logic

2. Moving com.apple.logic pro 10 to the desktop and restarting again

3. Restarting the computer


Would appreciate any help. I haven't ever seen Logic behave this strangely. 

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Your Snap issue is because it's set to snap to relative values, and not absolute (i.e. the start of that region isn't aligned on the bar, so the length of the region is being used a a snap point in relative mode).

Ah, of course, thanks!



2.  Make sure you delete the 'Extend track selection' key commands.


Interesting! The message window makes it seem like that's not required, and the new key command worked correctly for about an hour. Thank you!

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Adding on two more strange things:


4. The blocky digital waveform thing - I guess the gain level on my audio is pretty low, but it's honestly not terrible. Increasing gain fixes the issues. For reference, This is how REAPER displays the same waveform. (Zooming in further also looks good) 


5. Crossfades created by dragging one audio region onto another mysteriously disappear over time. The overlap still exists, and drag is still set to "x-fade," but the fades disappear.


Just updated from 10.3 to 10.3.1 FWIW. 

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@Monkeymonkey35, please do not post all your issues in a thread like this, it creates a big mess, it's not search-engine friendly, we can't mark the solved issues as solved, and ultimately it's a turn off for those of us trying to help to have to dig through a thread to discuss multiple issues.


  1. Create one new topic for each new topic (for example, a single issue) you wish to discuss. Only that topic is discussed in that thread. Once a solution is found, the thread can be marked as SOLVED.
  2. Do not host your animated gifs, or any other files you wish to share, on another 3rd party website. Instead, attach them to your thread here. That way we will never have any broken links, missing files, missing images, etc.. - I have attached the 3 gifs in your original post for you.
  3. To discuss the blocky digital waveform thing, post in the blocky digital waveform thing thread instead of linking to that thread from another thread. This is, once again, to keep thread self-contained: all discussion about that topic goes in that thread, and discussions about other topics go to other threads.


I am closing this thread, but let's continue the conversation: please create a new topic for each one of the issues that don't already have an existing topic that you know of.

Thank you.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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