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Compare two tracks (or multiple).


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Hi All.

I like to record different versions of an audio track, compare it and then discart one.


When I had a Mackie Control it was easy:

- mute one track

- hit play

- with two fingers on the Mackie just simultanuously mute/unmute the two adiacent tracks


I sold the Mackie.


Now i understand that with v10.3 you have  "track alternatives" and this allows the same (if recorded as alternative).


If I have recorded e.g. a guitar arpeggio AND a piano arpeggio, and I want to check the song with either only the piano or only the guitar, do you have a trick/workaround to faster mute/unmute the two tracks?


Thanks for your suggestions.




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 A very quick way to A/B two tracks is to use Alt-Solo (click the solo button while holding down the Alt key): soloes that track (and anything in the same audio path), unsoloes everything else (except solo-safe channels, if any). Doing that will intantly offer A/Bing of the two tracks in isolation. If you need to A/B them within the rest of the mix, it's a bit trickier, though there is a way: in the Mixer, select all channels except these two tracks, and solo-safe them. then use the procedure above to alt-solo either of the two you want to compare.
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