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LPX 10.3.1 crashes when deleting unused tracks


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Hi Guys, 

Odd behavior when trying to delete unused tracks from a very small project. I've sent reports to Apple.


It's not killing my work flow as I can just leave/hide an empty track, It's just that LPX is crashing hard and none of the simple stuff (restarting, cleaning up the project, different commands to delete, etc) have helped. 


Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Yes, I first selected and sucessfully deleted multiple tracks and then, on the last unused track, deleting that caused LPX to crash. 

Projects: I haven't checked this behavior on any other projects yet so I'll try that and report back.


I'm thinking about deleting Logic prefs to see if that clears the issue.

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Okay, tested other projects, no issues. Deleted Logic/Library prefs.phist ... didn't help. So I opened a new blank project, transferred over audio and MIDI files and basically rebuilt the session settings. Now everything's working fine. Must have had some kind of file corruption. Although I never did figure out the actual culprit(s) maybe we can mark this issue solved?
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I'm also still having this issue. I had a track stack for some virtual drums that I was trying to get rid of. Initially Logic crashed when I tried to delete the whole stack at once. So I cleared the stack out, removed all sends, so now it's just an empty Aux, but it still crashes Logic when attempting to delete. What gives?
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