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Question abut "Tempo Mapping"


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My apologies for not understanding “the obvious” here but …..


LPX 10.3.1


1) I have an audio (.wav) track of click.


2) I put the “BPM” Plug on the audio click track to access the tempo. I note that it “flexes”.


2) I want to engage the Project’s Tempo Map to clone the (flex) tempo of the click audio track.


3) In the end, for example of re-mapping the global tempo track,  I could engage an AI “Drummer track” that would play perfectly in time with the audio click track based on the “project global tempo map” generated by the click audio track.


4) How do I do this ????


5) To clarify .... 


Global Tempo = fixed tempo map selected (non flex), 

Tempo Map = a re-mapping of the Global Tempo to "follow" the (flex tempo) of a particular selected audio track. 

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