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Took some much needed time today and went through and put together a gear list of everything i own. i've been up and down and all around over the years (since 2008) and as of right now this is a pretty accurate list of what i currently sit with. yes, I've had different ones but at a time i sold some and this and that happened. My goal is to move forward and keep growing this list. I may even have forgotten a few items that I just can't think of at this moment but that i do have but at this point, I assume you get the point of what I own and kind of where I'm headed. 



8Dio Adagietto

Air (Creative FX Collection Plus)

Air Expand 2

AmpleSound (Guitar M 2)

AmpleSound (Metal Eclipse 2)

Apple Logic Pro X

Audio Hijack Pro

Avid (Pro tools 11)

Best Service (Chris Heins Chromatic Harmonica)

Best Service (Chris Heins Guitars)

Best Service (Poetic Acoustic Guitars)

Big Fish Audio (Guitar Soundscapes)

Big Fish Audio (Pop n' Soul Guitars)

Celemony Melodyne Editor 2

Diginoiz (Maschine Drum Collection)

EastWest (Quantum Leap Spaces)

FX Expansion (BFD3)

IK Multimedia (Amplitube MAX)

IK Multimedia (British Invasion Bundle)

IK Multimedia (Classic Studio Reverb)

IK Multimedia (DrummerTracks - Watchtower Groove)

IK Multimedia (DrummerTracks -Stairway to Groovin)

IK Multimedia (Expansion Tank 2 - Hip Hop Instruments)

IK Multimedia (Expansion Tank2 - Electric Guitar Collection 2)

IK Multimedia (Fender Collections 2)

IK Multimedia (Miroslav Philharmonik)

IK Multimedia (SampleMoog)

IK Multimedia (SampleTron)

IK Multimedia (Sampletank 3)

IK Multimedia (Sonik Synth 2)

IK Multimedia (T-RackS Custom Shop)

IK Multimedia (T-RacksS Opto compressor)

IK Multimedia MODO Bass

Indiginus Instruments (Acoustic Guitar Collection)

Indiginus Instruments (Torch Electric Guitar)

Izotope (Nectar 2 Vocal Bundle)

Izotope (Ozone 5)

Izotope's Iris + 5 Sound Libraries

Izotope's Iris 2 Upgrade 11GB library

Joey Sturgis tones (Gain reduction Deluxe)

Lennar Digital (Sylenth 1 Synth)

Lexicon PCM total Bundle

MFX Audio-Nomad Factory (Magma)

MusicLab (RealGuitar 2L + Realstrat + RealPC)

Native Instruments (Absynth Twilights)

Native Instruments (Komplete Ultimate 11)

Native Instruments (Maschine 2 Studio White)

Native Instruments (Session Strings)

Native Instruments (Urban Arsenal 1&2)

Orange tree Samples (Evolution Acoustic Guitar)

Orange tree Samples (Evolution Electric Guitar)

Pianoteq 5 Standard

Plug and Mix VIP bundle

Presonus (Studio One Professional 3)

Propellerhead (Reason 8)

Reali-tone Banjo

SONIVOX (Orchestral Companion Strings)

SONNOX ELITE Plugin Collection

Sennheiser HD 280 Headphones

Shure 1540 Closed Back headphones

Slate Digital (BlackBird Studio Expansion Pack)

Slate Digital (Chris Lord Alge Expansion Pack)

Slate Digital (FG-X)

Slate Digital (Mix Bundle Virtual Mix Rack)

Slate Digital (SSD4 Platinum)

Slate Digital (Trigger Platinum)

Slate Digital (Virtual Buss Compressors)

Slate Digital (Virtual Console Collection)

Slate Digital (Virtual Microphone System)

Slate Digital (Virtual Tape Machines)

Softube Classic Channel Bundle

Sonic Couture (CrowdChoir)

Sonic Couture (DDR Toy Piano)

Sonic Couture (DevilFish)

Sonic Couture (Giant bass Tongue Drum)

Sonic Couture (Grand Marimba)

Sonic Couture (Grand Toy Piano)

Sonic Couture (Pan Drums)

Sonic Couture (Tube Drum)

Sonic couture (Xtended Piano)

Sound toys 5 Audio Suite

Soundiron Olympus Choral Collection

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

Tone 2 Saurus Synth

Toontrack (Americana EZX)

Toontrack (Core Expansion Pack)

Toontrack (EZDRUMMER 2)

Toontrack (EZMIX 2)

Toontrack (Lead Vocals Pack)

Toontrack (Made of Metal EZX)

Toontrack (Metal EZX)

Toontrack (Metal Machines EZX)

Toontrack (Nashville EZX)

Toontrack (New York Studio Vol.2 SDX)

Toontrack (New York Studios Vol.3 SDX)

Toontrack (Post-Rock EZX)

Toontrack (Rock Solid EZX)

Toontrack (Songwriters Tools Pack)

Toontrack (The Metal Foundry SDX)

U-HE (DIVA Synth)


UVI (Complete Toy Museum)

UVI (Mello)


UVI Vintage Vault Bundle

Universal Audio (1176LN Classic Limiting Amplifier)

Universal Audio (1176SE Legacy Classic Limiting Amplifier)

Universal Audio (Apollo 8P audio interface)

Universal Audio (Cooper Time Cube MK 2 Delay)

Universal Audio (Fairchild Plug-in for UAD-2)

Universal Audio (Helios Type 69 EQ)

Universal Audio (Precision Enhancer Hz)

Universal Audio (Precision Mix Rack Collection)

Universal Audio (Pultec EQP-1A Legacy)

Universal Audio (Pultec Pro EQ Legacy)

Universal Audio (Raw Plugin)

Universal Audio (RealVerb Pro Custom Room Modeler)

Universal Audio (Softube Amp Room Half-Stack Plugin In)

Universal Audio (Softube Bass Amp Room 8x10 Plug In)

Universal Audio (Teletronix LA-2A Legacy Classic Leveling Amplifier)

Universal Audio (UA 610-B Tube Preamp and EQ Plug-In for UAD-2)

Vir 2 (Acoustic Legends HD)

Vir 2 (Electricity)

Waves Audio (Butch Big Vocals)

Waves Audio (CLA Drums)

Waves Audio (CLA Vocals)

Waves Audio (Eddie Kramer Vocal Channel)

Waves Audio (Gold Bundle)

Waves Audio (Jack Joseph Puig Vocals)

Waves Audio (Maserati VX1)

Waves Audio (REDD)

Waves Audio (SSL 4000 Collection)

Waves Audio (Super trap)

Wusik Station V7 EVE

XFER Records (Cthulhu)

XFER Records (Serum Synth)

XLN Audio (Addictive Drums 1)

XLN Audio (Addictive Drums 2)

XLN Audio (Addictive Keys)

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Mainly all software, yes. I needed to get to this point because I was forgetting stuff I bought back in 2012. So for instance, by putting this list together, I remembered a synth that I hadn't used in forever so I went to the company website and downloaded the synth again. It just helps to keep track of where you're at and where you're headed. This big list does not included all the 100$ of dollars I spent on so many samples over the years either. 
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My experience is that 'less is more.' I was far more creative and productive with a cassette 4 track, drum machine, a couple of guitars and 2 Radio Shack mics than I am now. One reason is having too many choices. I don't have the energy or the skill to assimilate all the information on the tools I currently have to be able to use them to their potential.


Anyways... no harm meant. My point is it isn't how much you have, it's what you do with it.


I've got some good stuff, a lot of the IKMultimedia instruments and FX, VSL Special Ed.s, Omnisphere, AddDrums 1/2, Medieval Legends and Forest Kingdom II, Ethno Instruments and Voices 5, and enough others to keep me busy for a lifetime. I am primarily a guitarist, and I have a great collection of acoustic and electric guitars. There is where my true passion lies.

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Yeah i'm running into that problem now. Not touching half of it because most of it takes so much time to learn. For instance. I just watched some tutorials last night on BFD 3 drum maschine and I know I've owned it for a long time but have not used it, because I buy stuff and never use it, and found out from the videos that its looking pretty sweet. I own a lot of drum plugins but that one looks sweet alone. So i reinstalled it and am gonna check it out. 
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i like to change things up a couple of times a year; so, if i add 3 new synth plugins, i'll usually phase out 3 synths. organizing plugins in LX is great; i keep what i most use in groups (synths, fx, etc), and keep those groups pretty minimal. it's great to have unlimited choices, but equally great to break that down into a smaller set...
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I made a clear decision over a year ago to be very very selective in the software I buy. The only thing I have bought in the interim was IKM Fender 2 collection, and I am not really that impressed with it. I also have Scuffham Amp S-Gear,' which, imo, is superior to Amplitube. So, my guitar collection is complete (my wife is happy about that, lol) and my software instruments/FX is fairly comprehensive for what I like to do. It is just about doing what I can with what I have, and not using GAS as a means to avoid making music, which I enjoy.
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The only time I buy any new VI's are when I either need a specific instrument for a project, or can justify the cost. Nearly all of the VI's I've purchased over the past number of years have paid for themselves in spades. So let's say I land a TV commercial that pays $1000 for an original track...I will treat myself to a $200 VI that I've been drooling over, and not have to feel guilty  8-)


If you don't NEED it, don't buy it, or you end up with a ton of them lying around that you'll never really use (as you know). Spend time earning the ones you already have, you'd be surprised at how much is under the hood of some of these. It's takes a lot of time, but something as simple as auditioning every single patch in a VI one afternoon can add a spark of inspiration.

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I love plugins way more than physical gear. But it's a slippery slope of buying more, and not really using any of the stuff I buy.


For example: At one point I convinced myself to buy the Waves H-EQ because I "needed" an "analog EQ." I literally haven't used that plugin once since I bought it. (If someone would like to buy it off me, I'll happily sell the license, hah).


My mantra for new plugins these days is: will it make my life easier?


My favorite, favorite plugins solve tedious, administrative tasks:


  • Hornet VU for gainstaging
  • Melda mAutoVolume for vocal riding
  • Melda mAutoAlign for correcting phase/time discrepancies of multimic instruments
  • Melda DrumLeveler for leveling drum performances


The other dimension of my software purchases is: is it easy to get great sounds?


I think there's a fallacy that we need more knobs to twiddle, because it gives us more control. But in reality, it creates more bottlenecks for decision-making. Thus – anaylsis paralysis.


The 1176 and LA2A are revered compressors, and both are very limited in knobbery compared to say, the Tokyo Dawn Labs Kotelnikov, or even Logic's Platinum Compressor.


My favorite "analog" EQ ever is the Plug and Mix Retro EQ, exactly for this reason.


Right now I'm considering Mastering the Mix's Levels, precisely for this reason. Of course the Multimeter handles a lot of these tasks. But with all the decisions to make in a mix, I like the idea of an in-mix "mom" nagging me to correct problems I may have overlooked.

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When I think of gear I think of hardware. Personally I've been wanting to go more towards a Hybrid setup... No Mixer just a few Compressors, EQ & Reverb. Maybe... Wish I'd never gotten rid of my gear from the 70's 80's & 90's. Been thinking hard on buying some Acoustic Drums. I'm getting tired of playing an eKit and Samples.
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When I think of gear I think of hardware. Personally I've been wanting to go more towards a Hybrid setup... No Mixer just a few Compressors, EQ & Reverb. Maybe... Wish I'd never gotten rid of my gear from the 70's 80's & 90's. Been thinking hard on buying some Acoustic Drums. I'm getting tired of playing an eKit and Samples.

I think few compressors and EQs for hardware is wonderful, mixer i think is rather unecessary in a contemporary studio. I strive to build such a setup myself.


You can build a small compact kit if you need acoustic sounds, or even a hybrid kit. I thought myself about building a small kit with real cymbals and snare, and trigger tower for kick. You don't need to deal with bleed, and you get acoustic sound from the most expressive parts and don't have to deal with less expressive parts of the kit (that take a lot of room).

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I'm looking at the DW Frequent Flyer Kit. Has a 20X14 Kick but it packs a punch. I think Peter Erskine helped to develop the kit and of course he tunes it up for Jazz. I've heard the Kit tuned down and it's impressive for the smaller shells. Perfect for a close mic'd small bedroom situation.
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