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Custom Key Commands Reverting to Defaults


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One key command in particular keeps reverting to the original state:


shift+up/down is by default set to 'extend track selection up/down'


Multiple times I have deleted it from there, and then added shift+up/down to 'waveform vertical zoom in/out'


It works for a while, and then it reverts to the default key command. I tried moving the com.apple.logic pro 10 preferences file to the desktop, to no avail.

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Hmm, that's exactly how I did it.


Just went through the process again. Upon restart of Logic (after resetting the custom key commands) "extend track selection" reverted to the original key command. My custom command is also there, but it added back the default command for shift+up/down.


I overrode a different default key command as well and that one has been working normally.

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