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Weird Problem with the Logic Metronome


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Hi everyone! 


 I'm having quite a strange problem with Logic Pro X: I am running my guitar through a delay pedal and recording the signal onto a Logic Audio Track. The metronome is set at 100bpm, so I have set my delay time to 600ms in order to get Quarter Note Delays (100x600ms=60kms=1min correct?) but when I press record and listen to the metronome and the delay, they don't sync up. I don't know what to do. Of course I can just use Logic Pro's internal delays which work fine but my delay pedal has some exotic pitch shifting delays that I intend to use. Any suggestions/ideas as to what the problem could be and how to fix it/find the correct value in ms to get quarter note delay at 100bpm? I also tried to use the Tap delay on my pedal to sync them up, and I get within a few ms of the actual value (I reckon) but a few measures in they go out of sync again.


 Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

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