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Latency Issues


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I'm having a few issues with latency and was wondering if you guys would be able to help. 


Here's the scenario.

UA Twin interface

Recording vocals

Track was coming out of outputs 1/2. Vocals out of 3/4. So the artist could have their own vocal balance.

Low Latency mode was on.


With plugin delay compensation set to Audio & software instrument tracks, parts of the track which were on buses were late compared with the rest of the track. A lot of the buses had pitch shift on (necessary for the song to be in the right key). I understand this is a high latency plugin and maybe this could latency issue could be avoided by simply putting pitch shift on the individual tracks rather than on a bus, but I was wondering if there was a quick fix for this?


When plugin delay compensation is set to All, there was latency on the vocal output. 

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