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Project Keeps Loops Browser On (and searches for loops) even though it was unloaded with the loop browser off?


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Hi Y'all,

     Is there a fix for this?


I happen to have a lot (if not all) of my apple loops on an external drive.  When I load this project, and I believe all others, that at one point had the loop browser open,

most times it still looks for the apple loops and opens the browser (a 1-3 minute process) on my external.


I'd like to be able to load the project without it doing this for many reasons.  As it is now I have to Force Quit the project, plug in my external drive and re open the project.

And then close the loop browser  It stays closed for some subsequent opens, but I believe always reopens/researches loops after every restart of my Mac..(for that project)


A known issue? A known fix?

Thanks -

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Make sure you SAVE the project with the Loop browser closed, and make sure the screenset is not locked (or unlock it and lock it again with the Loop browser closed, then save)?


Thanks Dave for the quick info as usual

Im pretty sure I did the save thing but hopefully the screenset will do the trick - to lock / unlock I click next to the screenset name?

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