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How do I assign the Mod Wheel to control the Leslie of the VB3?

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I don't think that the Crumar drawbars are sending the info. Normally if I learn say, with the volume pedal, the volume slider in Logic moves when I move the pedal. But the drawbars don't seem to get the message through, even in learn mode. I will check out the smart control. Thanks for responding. This is my first foray into the Logic Pro Help world.
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Go into midi setup utility and test to see if they are sending information. If they are, get a free midi monitor utility and see what kind of information they are sending. If not (sending midi) then we have to figure out why.


Midi utility on Mac has a basic tester. Lights up if it receives midi info but doesn’t say what the info is.

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I went into the Crumar interface, and found the drawbars were NOT set to transmit midi. I enabled it, and the drawbars are learning, but they work backwards! Meaning that if I pull out the physical Crumar drawbar all the way, the vb3 bar goes all the way in, and vice versa. This seems to be a fairly common problem with drawbars/midi controlling, but I haven't found a remedy yet. I can check the invert box in the smart controller, but the crumar drawbars still work the opposite of the VB3 bars. Weird. This is a problem with the Kontact B3 also.
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