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What is your best approach to using Logic Pro X live?

The Litch

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As I have said in another post I am fairly new to Logic Pro X. I am writing what is now the third album with my act and up until now I haven't been able to perform the music live. I don't have a drummer so I use programmed drums. My goal is to be able to perform the music live using backing tracks so I have a few questions about that.


1. How do I play it live while monitoring the track's click to stay on time but no one else hears it?

2. Is there going to be additional stress on my audio interface if I go out to the house's power?

3. Are there built in settings I can adjust in Logic Pro X that will allow me to play the track live more smoothly

4. Lastly have any of you experienced using Logic Pro X in a live performance? 

If so please share any mishaps or tips.



 -The Litch

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