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Track distorts when the track is selected


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I was making this drum'n'bass project and suddenly my bass track distorted completely. My levels are fine, stereo output is about -7db etc, not much heavy processing going on and CPU meter isnt full, Disk either. But then, I just selected another track, the distortion disappeared. When i highlighted the track, the distortion would come back. Any clues of whats going on? My speakers are fine too, I think. Because the distortion went to headphones as well and they're brand new.


Also, when i tried resampling the distortion, it didnt go through. It was only in the track, it doesnt route anywhere.





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Actually, I may have solved it. It could just be an issue of my memory. Just before the loop starts and the bassline begins, there is a heavily distorted sound. Could it be that this sound could be somehow leaking to another tracks? The problem persists, I think, only when the problematic part is looping.
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