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Audio Failure


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Hi Everyone,

I have a problem where if I leave logic, not quit or close it, but if I simply use another app such as firefox or word, etc., or even if I leave my computer idle for a while, and then go back to working on the same open logic project, I will have no sound.


When I hit play, the project will scroll and the control bar display position will run as if the song is playing, but there is no activity on the track/mixer meters, and there is no activity on the CPU/HD meter. I can still cut/paste/edit, etc., just no sound whatsoever.


It is not the end of the world as changing the buffer size will get things working again, but I'm curious if anyone else has had this problem. This started when I updated to 10.3, and continues to be a problem with 10.3.1. I also switched to an Apogee Element 24 at the same time I updated to 10.3, so maybe it is the interface--I no longer have my previous interface to compare.


Anyway, anyone else experiencing anything like this. Thanks for any help.


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