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SCORE: Repeat Sign


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I'm doing some charts for a live show and I'm seeing how, especially in certain spots, the repeat sign is so wimpy and easily missed.  I like repeat signs to have those little angled lines that extend above and below the staff... like this;



I even messed around with some of the other objects to make it look like this... but... messy and hard to execute.  I've heard of some people (Greg?) making custom graphic objects that can be used in the score editor... any hope for this or getting our friends at Apple to make a more insistent repeat?

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I have been away on business for three weeks ( India, China and Taiwan) and now in the middle of moving - so sorry but haven't been available much.

You can use logic's alternating repeat symbol feature to achieve the desired effect you want.....(No magical fonts - its built right in :) 



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I have been away on business for three weeks ( India, China and Taiwan) and now in the middle of moving - so sorry but haven't been available much.

Wow! Welcome back! :D

Thanks David!  Glad to be back! 22 hour plane ride - needless to say I am caught up on a years worth of inflight movies :)

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It is based on his methodology. Tweaked to allow use under current version. I use it to show what logic can do, but too complicated to explain/support. Also have not had time to build in the coda/segno features to make a full version - although if I ever retire - will be a project to work on someday.

Based on recent environment changes I suspect his basic implemention may work again as is.. maybe even his pro version. As I recall I tried it when X first came out and it didn't work - it may now but have not tried it for a few years.

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Found it on my 11" Mac air......



that is something I have been meaning to learn how to do for ages!!! Essentially to get Logic to follow Repeat & First and Second X bars.  Great for teaching and hearing the shape. I believe that very early on Johannes ' Score Editor original' Prischl designed a Repeater Pro app or something to that effect. 

What would be ideal is a method for getting the Playhead to exactly obey all the conventional music signs deployed on an arrangement and they are not that many. You would need it to: 

1 - Follow first and second time bars ( as your example shows) 

2 - DS al coda

3 - DC al coda ( take Rpts - or no Repeats possible) 

 * * * 

Apple are you listening? :) This could be hugely useful for education purposes


PS @Jay Asher 'like' + 1 your comments ;) 

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Na, I don't think so. He and Sky are very busy man, as other mods here. And it's holliday time too! Just be patient and in the meantime, read all that you can find about the environment, meta events and transformers and experiment. At least that's what I'm doing when I have some spare time. And it is promissing I should say. I try to imp,ement this:


Record a midi track with no output using four notes: C-2, D-2, E-2 and F-2.

When playing back this track I want those midi notes converted to meta events as follow:

C-2 =>meta 51,1 (goto marker,1), D-2 =>meta 51,2 (goto marker,2) and so on.

To avoid a cycle effect, each time one of the midi note has been played and converted to a meta event, the note is converted to B-2 wich will have no effect during the playback and the playhead will go on to the next midi note.


This is not perfect and have some issues, but it seems to be doable thet way.


I'm doing progress using a midi instrument object, transformers and monitors, I'm learning a lot and it's fun!

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stratquebec thank you very much.


I think your solution is perfect for my needs.


But ... I can't doing it.


1) create a track with no output: in arranger? I can do it


2) during playback convert notes to meta events: I can't do it


Could you help me, please?

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In the Logic Manual I read that with transformer I can transform Midi events to Meta Events, but is not indicate How to do it.



I am very sorry to disturb, but I could not find detailed tutorials for the different possibilities of Environment

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I will but It's not woking yet!

I'm still scratching my head to find how to make my environment objects do their job in the arrange window. So far it's like the env. and the arrange window are not "connected" . I'll post a screenshot of the env. a little later today. I'm writing from my iPad.


Maybe one day Apple will implement a feature like the arranger track in Cubase... So handy!

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From an SOS article: Some Advanced Applications


Aside from using Fader objects to generate Meta messages in the Environment, you can use Transformer objects to convert any MIDI message to a Meta message, and you can play Meta messages into the Environment from sequences by assigning the receiving object (or any object cabled to it) to the Arrange track containing the sequence.


So that's where we are!


The full article here:


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