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Anyone with some basic/medium knowledge of Java?


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Hey guys, 

I think the Note Repeat feature is a great tool, but it kinda "annoys" me the fact that it can't be used after something is recorded. 

Using the Scripter with the preset Sequencer I saw it can be done if altered properly (which I have no idea how, since I don't know any JavaScript). But I believe someone with some basic understanding will be able to do it and share it with us, hopefully :)


Here's my post about it:


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Just to be clear, Java and Javascript are two separate languages.  From what I understand, the latter is what is used by Scripter.


I'm pretty well-versed in Javascript (and have a basic familiarity with Java as well, as it happens, not that it matters for this).  But I'm not knowledgeable about the Scripter API, which is probably the knowledge that would be most important to make the changes you are proposing.  I also don't really have the time to look into anything like this right now (sorry).  Hopefully you can find someone, or else get sufficiently motivated to dig into some basic Javascript yourself.

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