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Autosampler advice please

Pauly 6 String

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Hi all.  Starting to sample my DX7 & EX7 sounds.  Tried a few last night and have some questions.  Also I'm open to any advice you can give regarding the process.


1.  Sampled at minor 3 intervals, 5 seconds and no looping settings for a brass synth type sound.  Some notes are missing and was wondering why it took 35 seconds to sample after each note was sounded for 5 seconds.


2.  What types of sounds need looping and how to use the settings.


3.  Turned off any effects (EX7) on the voices.


4.  How many layers are recommended?


5.  Should I sample notes beyond the range of the 61 keys?


6.  How long should the sustain be set to?


Any other advice is appreciated.



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