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Whats your wishlist for future updates?


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Whats your wishlist for future updates? Mine is, being able to have more than 2 crashes and 3 Toms in Drum Kit Designer, preferably a China and splash too. 

I have my electric drum midi in to Logic. I have 4 crashes, a China, Splash and 4 toms, Snare, Bass, HiHat and Ride. Right now I use EXS24 for China and Splash, A producer Kit for for main part of kit and another Drum Kit Designer for  4th tom and 2 other crashes tuned higher to make different sounding cymbals. It all works, thanks to the folks on this forum. 

I just wish there was a way to add all the above to one producer kit.


If there is a way to do any of the above, please enlighten me.

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Only small things:

- being able to open a project directly in full screen mode. 

- having the time of day on the custom display

- more Camel Audio wonders

- more Force Touch gestures for Magic Trackpad... and a list of what's available instead of discovering it by trial. 



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My wish list concerns the score writing facilities which have not been significantly improved or upgraded since Apple bought Logic from Emagic around v3. I wish the default rests in 6/8 9/8/12/8 were proper dotted quarter note rests, and that you could insert quarter notes on beat 4 of a 6/8 bar, and not only on 1 3 or 5.

I wish they would undo the changes made in v10 where when you select a single not it hilites the whole phrase. And also that they would split the note palette back into 3 (straight, triplet & dotted) as it was before. It's much easier to use if you’re scoring.  Also you cant edit the object colour palette any longer. Why?

Id like more dynamic symbols - how about a cresc & dim? - and the ability to control background colours - so one can get away from goth black everywhere.

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* Realistic Fade (fade in-out Realtime) also Bezier Curve Fade All fade operations

* Transparent Channel Eq filter

* DDp Export

* Spectral Cleaning Tack/Region Base

* New Alchemy Sound Bank/Library

* EXS24 Retina GUI

* Anti Aliasing AA Sample Waveform Envelope GUı (Like Protools and Fl Studio)

* Export 32 bit Float

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Protools HD 12.7 right now All the curves can be made on the VIP page, but Logic only curves only with fade tool, i think Logic fade is not so sensitive from protools 

but Pro tools timeline page can make these curves realtime right now HD 12.7


i would like to see Logic Pro V11, All  fade editor capabilities I want to see all Realtime curve bending capabilities.


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1.For such a long time I've wanted to be able to choose different quantize settings on each track or each instrument.  

2. I hate the way the channel strips are laid out now. I'm constantly having to move stuff to see the instrument. It used to be right above the output (I think) but anyway, somewhere closer to the fader.  Now it's above inserts and always disappears. 

3. In score.. again, back to ways of old.  Click on the staff style or score set choice instead of scrolling all the way to the bottom to customize.  Or at least, put that choice at the top.

4. In score sets, the ability to drag up or down an instrument as to where it is showed in the score.

5. Improved and modernized EXS... though I do love it's simplicity, things like the modulation routing, envelopes and such are getting quite dated.  I still love it and use it, but it needs to come into the present as far as some features.

6. Flex is improved, but still has some quirks.  It seems that some behaviors are unpredictable and are hard to disable once turned on. 

7. Better harmonizer. It would be great to have a harmonizer that was smart.  As opposed to "up+4" to be "up 3rd-choose key"

8. (And this would be huge for me) Control surfaces as a PROJECT PREFERENCE. That way each tune could have some different control surface options.  My orchestral and EDM tunes need different control surface settings.  Also, the control surface learn menu is arcane.

9. And speaking of Arcane... I've always found (for 20+years) the transformers confusing and overachieving.  How about some simple transformers with simple knobs and choices. ex;  Raise all notes below X velocity by X amount. Select controller X.  change to controller Y etc.

10. Having more than one video screen available for multiple monitors.

11. Easily finding back ups in the Finder. (I know it's possible, but you have to know Rocket Surgery)

12. Create a CYCLE MIDI record Preference  REPLACE; ALLOW OVERLAP... so that controllers and picks up notes to be recorded before the loop... but not wipe previous data.  

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My top priority on the wishlist is better user experience for project collaboration.


Something like a "track export" that exports one single track with all plugin settings, regions (with region names and colours), edits, flexes, fades and so on in a Logic proprietary format.


Example: export a completely edited bass guitar track with all EQ settings, plugin settings that would result in a single file (or folder) that can be sent via email (or online storage) and can be imported in the same project on the other side of the globe (instead of bouncing to an audio file starting at

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Score Editor: 

A customisable  GRAPHIC repeat sign for  1 & 2 & 4 bars -  Something which is part of millions of basic lead sheets and arrangements produced by hand written charts or  Sibelius, Finale etc but still  missing from the Logic Score Editor:  if you are writing in chord symbols above bars, there is no dedicated graphic to  repeat a chord symbol ( slash with dot either side)  for the next few bars above the stave where the chord symbols are found without affecting the look of the bar below.


Also what @DanRad  suggests: 

3. In score.. again, back to ways of old.  Click on the staff style or score set choice instead of scrolling all the way to the bottom to customize.  Or at least, put that choice at the top.


4. In score sets, the ability to drag up or down an instrument as to where it is showed in the score.

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ha. i tried running logic X in grayscale last year, when a project was struggling; thought this would tax my mac less. i WAS able to work, but... a lot of buttons are not clearly showing their state in grayscale.... shudder. so not really worth it (altho i think it actually looks good)... 


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-bug fixes

-Beta tester version  before launching any new feature(s)

-get feedback from devloppers


Ya, for 2 and 3, I know, I'm a dreammer  8-)

i doubt apple will ever offer a public-beta test option for logic; they know users will talk about things online (despite, perhaps, an NDA), and then all hell breaks loose. "they're planning what? and why are they fixing this?" ad infinitum. people's complaints after a release are easy to ignore (or consider, for later). witness mac forums about the OS betas (which i've run for years... and discussed for years...). insanity...

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When I work, I grab whichever band and make tweaks, I don't always know where in the spectrum a particular tweak ends up being, so when I'm done, it'd be nice to click a button (or right click and select 're-order' etc) and the band would be lower to higher left to right.



While tweaking Channel EQ for instance, it'd be great to have the same solo button that you have on the mixer, to be able to quickly solo and unsolo the track you're tweaking, it'd be very quick and easy to compare and listen to the effects of the tweaks to the sound alone and in context of the music.



You could assing a key beforehand (or it'd be middle C by default for eg.) and then just let the source (cd-player for eg.) play and and hit "sample" button with the mouse (or any assigned key/midi-command) and hit it again to stop sampling (or have it stop after a predetermined time, or measure). The sample would be automatically assigned to play at original pitch at middle C (or any predetermined key) and would pitch up/down according the keys played. Recording audio into the arrangement first and then importing the sample to EXS definitely has it's benefits, but it also sometimes kills the spontaneity that many people using 'the good old hardware method' have been used to.



You could change the volume & pan of a channel within an audio object IN ADDITION to the track automation. The changes would add to already existing track automation settings (ie. they'd be relative?). This way you could non-destructively (and without creating a new file) have another way of controlling and manipulating audio. I know there's object based automation but so far I haven't been able to make it work relatively, but the track automation and object automation "fight" each other.



If you could change the colour (from the regular blue to say red) of the insert effect slots it'd be really easy for instance to work with someone else and have him/her use completely different alternative effects and use a different colour to identify them and it'd be easy to go back and forth the old and new ones without having to struggle remembering which one are which.



Loop length lock + loop moving was possible (even an ASR-10 had it 15 years ago, my track 'Touch Me Feel Me' has that trick used on the vocal sample!), you could ”scan” thru a vocal sample with a short loop (think almost like DJ CD-player on pause going ’dng-dng-dng...', then turning the jog wheel and you can hear the music/sound advance in those short looped bits, for e.g. ’darude’ would sound like ’d-d-d-d-d-a-a-a-a-a-r-r-r-r-r-u-u-u-u-u-d-d-d-d-d-e-e-e-e-e'), the loop start assigned to mod wheel for instance.


EXS24 TIME STRETCHING & FLEX-PITCHING built-in (like Kontakt)



...in real time option (like inspector gain adjustment now does, but much more comprehensive and ”live"). This could reach anything from reflecting simple region (envelope) automation, crossfades and such (like Ableton Live), to compression etc effects (either result of processing or pre/post compression difference at the same time), and I'd even throw in the plugin synth and sampler tracks, you could have an option to see the midi only, or the waveform (that the audio generates), or both, to full live waveform view ’after everything processed', or you could choose the point where you’d want to see the resulting waveform. (probably requires A LOT of CPU, but…)



Master frequency adjust in Channel EQ (if I cleaned up a muddy A-note bassline, it'd be nice to be able to use those settings as a preset in another song also, right? But what if the other track has a bassline that is in C? Wouldn't it be nice to just tune up the "master freq" of the eq to fit the C, because in many cases the (good&bad) harmonics are shifted accordingly? You could even use that within a song, automating the master frequency to follow the bassline's root / main note so it'd fix stuff only where needed. Surfer EQ does this automatically.)



A button to bypass ALL fx on a channel



It would be awesome if you could use, within the effect GUI itself, either the dry signal to duck the wet signal (think vocals more clear when the effect is ducked a few dBs when the vocal is on, raises back up when the word/phrase ends) or external signal (think a white noise/wind filter sweep ending at the first beat, the following delay would be ducked by the kickdrum, for eg., very useful in at least 4/4 dance music).


POSSIBILITY TO PICK AND EDIT AUTOMATION ON THE SAME TRACK (ie. making an inactive automation curve that you faintly see in the background the active one by clicking on it, maybe with a modifier, like or ). You’d see all your automation on that one track, could control them all on that one track, would have less tracks in the arrangement (if you so wanted), less clutter, still good overview of the automation.


(And yes, I've submitted these all to Apple.)

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