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Docking Window Request For Smart Dock


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i would like to see selection-based processing window and region float window dockable.


for smart dock


if comes would be great for each regions


please see my prepared picture 



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I think the Selection Based Processing could be placed in the inspector.

the region float window is at home there when not floating so why not putting the Selection Based Processing window

at the exact same spot if it is not floating?

If they incorporate it that way it would make sense to update based on the selected regions.


I am working with a 40"main screen and there is so much wasted space in the Inspector. although I prefer to float the Region float window close to where i edit

and also prefer to do 90% with key commands or touchscreen based macro commands.

For smaller screens the Selection Based Processing should collapse exactly like "Track:" and "Region:" -Panels


Just my two cents



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