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Quantize Value Key Commands Help?


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Does anyone here know if there is a way to create a key command that will quantize or set the quantize value of my specific midi region or notes to either a 16th, 8th note, etc. (so in the region quantize parameters on the top left side of logic)?  Right now, I use "set quantization parameter to next value" and "set quantization parameter to previous value."  But, it would be awesome if there was a way to just make the individual quantize values on their own corresponding key commands (1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, etc.)  Is this at all possible?  I ultimately want to create buttons in either metagrid, lemur, etc. on my iPad with specified quantization values that will change the Quantize Region parameters in the inspector (top lefthand side in Logic)....  
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Eric! Happy New Year! Hope all's well. So ... how do I set different quantize value assignments on a controller? I've always wanted to be able to assign key commands for each quantize value, but gave up years ago. If not with key command, with controller would be a second choice to accomplish. Thanks Eric!!! :-)
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Me too, the whole implementation of quantisation value and division value is so stupid (I think). In Cubase, setting the grid defines the quantisation value, which makes much more sense.


Anyway, I finally got this working with Lemur & Keyboard Maestro. Lemur triggers a macro that executes an applescript. The script selects the desired quantisation from the menu in the Piano Roll.

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