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Looping flexed loops


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I've always been a bit lost with flexing loops. I understand how to do it and all but then when I get to later stages of using the audio I get confused. I try and use flex mainly to just quantize audio parts...but I also like to loop audio parts. After I flex them and try and pull the loop across the arrange page it wont let me....it stays in this "timestretch mode".


It seems like flex is only useful if you bounce to audio after flexing and then do other stuff...How do you guys use it? It looks to me like for it to stay 'flexed' you must leave the flex mode ON. Which then makes everything else more difficult...


Just wondering how to guys go about using it most efficiency ..that is all.... =)

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You have a few choices:

  • Hold down option to get the Loop tool.
  • Turn off Flex view button in the Tracks area menu bar (but leave the Flex button turned on on the track header). 
  • Press L to loop the selected region and then you'll see a Loop tool when you hover its loops in the region name area.

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